Monday 22 April 2013

Winter Tales….

Cant believe the weather over the winter and even these last few weeks have made getting on with the boat difficult. That said the hull is done and Im on the last coat of anti slip for the decking.  Over the winter I did my Day Skippers theory course and start Tuesday night training on the water next Tuesday….so its all happening!

Recently acquired a 3.6 Mercury outboard  and will be getting the rest of the gear I need soon. Fingers crossed she will be in the water this year.  Pictures to follow soon!

Monday 8 October 2012

First day of the school Holidays……  last coat of undercoat done. Have decided to change the colour to oxford blue. Ian paid us a visit and kindly to those 'pesky' kids home;-)

Sunday 7 October 2012

Some cracking weather over the weekend spurred me onto to add the undercoat. Sanding in between coats and filling any blemishes in the wood and sanding back will hopefully pay off when the final coats goes on. Friends Kenny and Simon popped by to check on progress. I must remember to keep some spare paint brushes handy when such 'volunteers' visit! I've really enjoyed this weekend-there is something special about  working on the boat in great weather at a lovely location , radio on and people stopping by…oh and a nice cup of coffee from the club house helped the day along too!

Monday 1 October 2012

With help of a couple of friends we took down the mast and covered the boat up for winter. The tarpaulins had taken quite a beating previously and having the mast down would make covering up a lot easier.

In between bouts of rain, I got on with some much needed sanding and today applied the first coat of primer. Weather depending I want to get the hull done before winter truly sets in- aye right!

Saturday 8 September 2012

The Begining

Hi !

Welcome to my first ever blog! A friend gave me an old Hurley Silhouette mk 1 (or 2-not sure yet). Im not a sailor yet! but my kids have done some courses so I thought this could be a great project . The boat is 17' twin keel, 2 berth. It was made around 1960 out of marine ply and is the 'Suzanne' model. It looks in pretty good condition and from what I can see needs just a really good paint job on the outside, the woodwork sorted out and then the interior fitted out. I'm not good at DIY so I'm looking forward to the challenge! 

I intend to keep this blog going over time and will keep you updated with photos etc as I progress with the project. I might need to ask for some help as we go along!

Can't wait..............!

Fore deck paint needing scraped and sanded
Bilge Keel needing work

Nice looking boat though…..!